Adrian Muresan, PhD

Distributed computing | Computation geometry | Deep learning

I am Adrian Muresan, a practical research scientist with R&D experience in the fields of:

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2016 - R&D Lead @ 3D Hubs, Amsterdam

I have lead the R&D department of Hubs (formerly 3D Hubs), the largest network for online manufacturing services. We use computational geometry to extract relevant information from 3D models and deep learning to use this information in interesting ways.

2016 - 3D Hubs acquired Printivate

Printivate was acquired by 3D Hubs in 2016.

2015 - Founded Printivate in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Printivate was a 3D model repair and optimization platform that targets 3D printing. This was achieved through a 3D model processing SaaS platform that was easy to integrate into existing products through a flexible API.

2012 - PhD in distributed systems @ ENS Lyon, France

For three years I was doing full-time research in the field of resource management for large scale distributed IaaS platforms.

In 2012 I obtained a PhD in Resource management for large scale Cloud Platforms at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon in the Avalon research team, under the supervision of Frédéric Desprez and Eddy Caron. Over the period of my PhD I worked on automatic application scaling and criterion-based deployment of large-scale applications on Infrastructure as a Service Cloud platforms.

2009 - Masters in computer science @ TUC-N, Romania

In 2009 I obtained an engineering masters degree from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca in Romania, Faculty of Automation and Computer Science.